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Who we are: The Nokxeller Microdispersions is a company engaged in the B2B branch specializing in the manufacture and development of water-based polyurethanes for applications on various substrates such as leather, construction, textile and metal-mechanics.

Our Mission: What we do Value partnerships with our customers and employees with the utmost dedication; contribute to its success atravpes of meeting their specific needs in a flexible, agile and innovative way, developing polyurethanes in general for various segments, always grounded in research and development of new materials, processes and respecting the environment.

Our Vision: What we intend to become Our purpose is to be technical reference of excellence in the production and marketing of polyurethanes in general for various segments, making us the preferred partner of our customers. We also intend to achieve the national leadership of the coatings industry on various substrates within five years.

Our Values: What we believe Customer Focus - We concentrate efforts on the specific needs of our customers and help them strengthen their competitiveness and performance.

Who we are

NOKXELLER MICRODISPERSIONS was established in 2005, as a result of a joint between the companies Noko Qu�mica Ltda and Exceller coatings forming an independent company that operates in the B2B system.

NOKXELLER MICRODISPERSIONS is intended to be a reference for production and marketing of polyurethanes in aqueous polyurethane dispersions for several segments such as leather, wood, metal, textile, industrial paints, etc.

Research and development is our stronghold that afford us achieving remarkable results as an innovative and patented process that provides micro and nano dispersions with superior properties.

Our products are absolutely driven by the more demanding customers meeting all international standards of quality.

We try to focus our efforts on the specific needs of our clients helping them to strengthen their competitiveness and performance.

Our focus is innovation, respect for human beings and the environment and satisfaction of customers and employees.

We are oriented for excellence, flexibility and loyalty and hope to be your partner of greater value.

Areas of Expertise

With a strong presence in research and development, strives to develop PUD's appropriate conditions and specific customer needs.

The Nokxeller Microdispersions develops and manufactures an extensive range of polyurethane water­based coatings for use in the formulation for different substrates such as leather, fabrics, textile fibers, wood, synthetic laminates, graphic arts, metals and other

Product development

It has experienced professionals in research and development of polymers, as well as active laboratory with the needs of our customers.

Focus on Constant Improvement

We maintain partnerships and permanent agreements with major research centers and universities.

As a result of our focus on constant quest for technological improvement of our products, we have the participation and presentation of papers in important fairs and scientific conferences around the world, we can mention the most important:


  • Latin American Symposium Polymers SLAP (Pernambuco ­Brazil)
  • Ibero American Polymers (Pernambuco Brazil)
  • Hall Scientific Initiation of UFRGS (Porto Alegre ­Brazil)
  • Hall Scientific Initiation of PUCRS (Porto Alegre ­ Brazil)


  • 13th International Congress of ABRAFATI Paints(São Paulo SP ­Brazil)
  • Brazilian Polymer Congress­ CBPOL (Florianópolis­ SC Brazil)
  • European Polimer Federadion ­EPF (Pisa ­ITALY)


  • Latin American Symposium Polymers ­ SLAP (Bogota ­ Colombia)
  • Brazilian Materials Science Congress ­ CBECIMAT (Águas de Lindóia ­ SP ­ Brazil)
    • 2011:

      • 12th International Congress of ABRAFATI Paints (São Paulo ­ SP ­ Brazil)
      • Brazilian Polymer Congress ­ CBPOL (Jordan Campos ­ SP ­ Brazil)
      • Brazilian Chemical Society ­ SBQ (Joinville ­ SC ­ Brazil)

A Qu�mica do Poliuretano

ISO 9001

Nokxeller Microdispersions is certified by ISO 9001: 2008 standard since August 2014. Our certification covers the following scope:

"Research, Development, Production and Marketing of water and solvent based Polyurethanes designed for high performance coatings , laminating and impregnating on various substrates."

Currently, quality of products and services is an essential item for maintenance and survival of any business.
Quality is not synonymous of an exclusive or superior advantage, as a competing company may offer a similar product being also a company that has quality products.

An evidence of this is that quality is a subject dating back ancient times, and that was developing along with production processes and new technologies.
For attaining Total Quality it is required standards and certifications demanded by market and having these requirements will be a key factor for a company to have competitive capacity in line with the leading companies in the market.
Our commitment to quality must be a reality in our day to day business. Therefore, we at Nokxeller Microdispersions are aware of this reality and focus our efforts in pursuit of this goal constantly.
Undoubtedly, quality is a key factor for differentiation and a competitive gap for any company. To be certified ISO 9000 worldwide means that a business is running its processes with quality and is able to offer the best for customers who are increasingly demanding; hence the importance of ISO 9000 Certification.

About ISO 9000

Being aware that quality of all processes is measurable, tangible and increases not only the turnover, we will understand a bit more about ISO 9000:
ISO 9000 is a quality assurance system, because the ultimate goal of certification is that they have standards in all segments with various procedures and standards that depend on the products or services offered themselves. The ISO 9000 underwent revisions and standards to conform to global quality standards and monitor new technologies and market trends. Not to be confused, it is important to understand that the ISO 9001, 9002 and 9003, belong to ISO 9000 and each is specific to each type of organization.

ISO 9000 is a management quality system involving inspection, control and planning for the organization to follow all the rules issued by certification and gain the desired quality in all processes.
It is being widely disseminated by marketing reasons, as many entrepreneurs only buy goods and services from suppliers who are ISO 9000, in order to ensure that the products are actually delivered quality.

ISO 9000 importance

ISO 9000 is utmost important when it comes to marketing and business aspect and for its maintenance, the company must have a culture for the management of Total Quality.

But what is Total Quality?

Total quality means leadership, organizational excellence and satisfaction of all parts involved as stakeholders, customers, employees, suppliers, society, etc. Total Quality is so wide that all society takes full benefits of it because a production with quality requires cutting costs that in its turn will make final prices lower. A production with quality means care to the environment and also employee's satisfaction.
Moreover, it favors development of the country as a whole, resulting in increase of exportation with higher job creation making a stronger economy. Total Quality to be complete should be based on customers, products, manufacturing, added value and perfection.
An essential tool for maintaining quality is Statistical Quality Control, which presupposes the continuous monitoring processes and their progress. After this control, one reaches the age of full efficiency with quality in all processes: the era of Quality Assurance.
Quality assurance means that the actions will be increasingly focused on quality in business routine actions such as community involvement, creative development and actions that seek reliable services and products.
Therefore, Quality Assurance and Total Quality are inserted in a process that comes from inside the organization and is felt in the market and to have good results, it is necessary adaptation processes, implementation of quality systems, standardization processes to come after analysis, observation and troubleshooting.
Problem solving and prevention are important steps in the overall quality process and are conducted through the Control Total Quality, which requires management to continuous improvement of processes, i.e., professional improvement, improvement in the working environment and living conditions to generate quality.

Quality policy:

Nokxeller Microdispersions, focused on the manufacture of polyurethanes intended for high performance coatings, aims to ensure a competitive differential based on the quality of its products, personalized service to our customers and the ethical way in which we relate. Meeting the applicable requirements, ensuring the continuous improvement of our Quality Management System.