Water-based Polyurethane

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New Trends

We will be watching and permanently focused on developing products aligned the newest technologies and market trends.
Our quality and our difference is our strength in research and development with what we achieved remarkable results, for example, emulsions in an innovative and patented process that ensures micro and nano dispersions with superior properties.
We try to focus our efforts on the specific needs of our customers helping them strengthen competitiveness and performance.
Our focus is on innovation, respect for human beings and the environment and also satisfaction of customers and employees.
We are guided by excellence, flexibility and loyalty and hope to be your most valuable partner.
The Nokxeller Microdipersions is a company specialized in the production of water­based polyurethanes with its own technology with low power consumption and very low environmental impact.
Elimination of pyrrolidone solvent (NMP / NEP) and tin­based catalysts (Sn)
Historically, a major disadvantage with polyurethane dispersions have been the use of coalescing solvents such as pyrrolidone. There has been, and still is, significant regulatory pressure to eliminate the use of products containing such solvents.
The Nokxeller Microdispersions, has led efforts in developing new processes capable of producing polyurethane dispersions without the use of pyrrolidone solvent, specifically NMP and NEP, in its formulation.
Our laboratories have succeeded in this difficult task of carrying out a complete re-engineering of our line. Thus we already have some totally free products, not only pyrrolidone solvents, but also catalysts the tin base (Sn).